Opening Time- 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM October - March | 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM April - September

Captain's Message

Captain's Message

Namaste. This is Captain Bed Upreti and I welcome you all to the Aviation Museum inside this Airbus 330. We are at an altitude of 4,400 ft above sea level, and we now begin our journey. You do not need to fasten your seat belt on this flight, just relax, enjoy the pictures I have taken from the air and under the sea, and you can also take photographs of the aircraft models on display here.

There are seven sections to this aircraft, and we are now in the Welcome Hall where you can watch a 12 minute documentary about the origin of this Aviation Museum, a model of the first ever powered flying machine made by the Wright Brothers in 1903, the glass cockpit of an Airbus 330 and miniature models of planes.

In the Air Force Hall, there are models of war planes as well as replicas of the latest Airbus 380 as well as the Boeing 777.

The Airlines Hall is next and it has models of airliners from the first first ones to the latest aircraft.

The Nepal Aviation Hall also has models of planes that have flown in the skies over Nepal from the Dc-3s to the newest Airbus 330 of Nepal Airlines.

The fifth hall is in the tail section of this aircraft and that is also where the Refreshment Hall is located, where miniature aircraft models made by Nepali students are also on display.

In the lower deck of the plane is the Humla Hall where you can see a documentary on aviation, and the place is also open for refresher classes and conferences. The Museum office is located in the Captain Fitzgerald Hall.

You journey in this Airbus 330 Aviation Museum is 100% safe. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask one of our Museum attendants. You can also provide suggestions about making this Museum more interesting.

Nepal's first aircraft museum and world's first miniature aircraft museum inside a jet plane is opened in Dhangadi on september 17, 2014 with an aim at providing visitors with a chance to learn about aviation and beautiful photographs gallery.

The visitors can observe how communication is made between the pilot and air traffic controller inside the cockpit. Unlike open space aviation museums that display numerous aircraft, this museum is inside a 100-seater Fokker aircraft. 

It has become a new attraction in Dhangadi.

At the main entrance you can see a big Fokker-100 jet airplane parked at tarmac waiting for you to board an enjoy the museum. You must visit inside the airplane so that you can rediscover the airplane and museum . You visit to this museum will be your life time experience. The museum is set up to generate intrest in flying, world's Aviation history, science and technology. It will also be a main tourist attraction point in Far West. The museum will be a motivating and educational center for students and entertainment for others.

Our main attraction inside the jet plane are:

  • More than 200 miniature aircrafts
  • Jet cockpit
  • Beautiful photo gallery
  • Cockpit Cafe
  • Documentry
  • Model Airport
  • Clicking your own photographs in pilot and air hostess uniform inside the cockpit and cabins.

The museum is operated is operated by Bed Upreti Trust. The money collected will be collected through museum will be donated for the treatment of cancer patients in the Far West. 

Thank you.